Available Training Courses

What is Autism: traits according to the DSM-5 for diagnosis and how they manifest

Sensory sensitivities: Hyper and hypo reactivity to sensory input and how they manifest in the 8 senses

Alexithymia, Sensory Processing and Interoception: Analysing difficulties with body and emotional awareness, and how to help

Communication in Autism: Communication differences and options on how to communicate

Stimming: Importance of general or happy stimming,  understanding self-injury and how to help

Sensory inclusion: How to learn and modify possible sensory difficulties in the environment that can affect autistic people and make your space inclusive

Feeling overwhelmed: Meltdowns and Shutdowns: How an overload occurs, types of overload, and how we feel it.

Strategies for managing meltdown: How to prevent overload; How to help during one; How to help after 

Food selectivity: Sensory sensitivity in eating and eating disorders

Support strategies for autistic people: Ways to manage anxiety, difficulties, and improve autistic well-being

Autistic women and girls: Difference in diagnosis and presentation of autistic traits in girls and women

Mental Health Crises and Autism: Anxiety, Depression, Self-Aggression and Suicide in Autism

Routine and Executive Dysfunction: The day-to-day difficulties and management strategies

If you are interested in organising any of our trainings, please contact geral@vozdoautista.pt.

We are also available to develop training courses tailored to your needs and training time.