Created by Autistic people, for Autistic people


Our mission is to provide a platform for the diverse voices of people with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) in Portugal, as well as to promote the acceptance and inclusion of autistic people in their communities through the development of training, mentoring, support, research and inclusion projects in the areas of health, education and employment, among others. We also intend to develop partnerships with other organizations, companies, autistic people and their families, health or education professionals, for the creation of an inclusive society for autistic people and their families. We support and defend autistic people, fight for their inclusion and acceptance, refusing ASD as a disease, but accepting it as Neurodiversity (neurological diversity).



Executive Board

President: Sara Rocha
Vice-President: Raquel Tavares Lebre
Secretary: Miguel Madeira
Board Member: Rita Serra
Board Member: Eva Marques da Silva

Assembly Board

President: Sónia Monteiro

Fiscal Board

President: Márcia Patricio

Advisory Board

President: Mayne Benedetto
Vice-President: Pedro Almeida
Secretary: Ana Ribau
Vogal: Rita Gigante
Vogal: Bárbara Bonvalot
Vogal: Andreia Martins
Vogal: Rita Sotero
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