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We are a group of autistic adults that created a self-advocacy to support autistic people in Portugal.

We want to promote the acceptance and inclusion of autistic people in their communities, and be a platform to give voice to people in the Autism Spectrum and their loved ones.

Supporting autistic people in crisis situations - Ukraine

In the context of the need to include and guarantee support to autistic people and their family members in the humanitarian response to Ukraine, a brief guide “Supporting autistic people in crisis situations”, developed by EUCAP (European Council of Autistic People), of which we are affiliated, and Autisme Europe was developed. In this file we provide some information about what Autism is, how to recognize it, how to help and where you can find more information.  It is available in several languages, some AAC material, information on what to do and who to contact for support. You can also join Ukraine Autism Help group online to find different support offers by country in accomodation, transports, autism help, etc.

“I found out I’m Autistic at age 30. And now?
Ever since I have memory I have always felt that I don’t know how to be Human and that I didn’t belong in this world. So from an early age I always looked for what Being Human is like and its behaviors, because I simply thought I was different from the norm, and therefore, I was wrong and completely out of touch with reality.
It was through extensive observation and imitation that I adapted to this society and normative system: how to react to certain situations, how to speak, how to be on every occasion, how to interact with people.”

Raquel Tavares Lebre
(Vice President of APVA)

What is Autism?

Autism is not an illness. Autism is a neurodevelopmental condition, which means that our brains developed differently than non-autistic people.. Learn more about Autism here.


Several free downloadable resources aimed at different people in the autistic community: Autistics, Parents, Teachers.


Events, interviews and mentions of the Portuguese Association Voz do Autista online or in the Media.