We are an autistic self-advocacy organisation and a Non-Governmental Organization of People with Disabilities (ONGPD), based in Aveiro, Portugal.

We are an organisation of adults, parents of autistic children and healthcare/education professionals that are autistic. 

We want to promote the acceptance and inclusion of autistic people in their communities and be a platform to give voice to autistic people in Portugal.


ACTIVATE project

The ACTIVATE project aims to empower autistic young people with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to become effective activists, active citizens and social entrepreneurs, through the Autism Advocacy School and engagement with key stakeholders, including researchers, political representatives and self-advocacy organisations. Not only does it seek to empower young autistic people, it also seeks guidance from the very autistic community it aims to empower. By aligning with their aspirations and addressing the gaps identified through their voices, this project aims to create a more inclusive and supportive society. This transformation will be driven by the active involvement of young autistic people as activists, citizens and agents of change.


Each partner organisation will create a working group of young autistic people, aged between 18 and 25, who will take part in all phases of the project, with various actions planned from 2023 to March 2026.
Its objectives are:
Improve the quality of life of autistic young people, make public and private services more accessible, and find points of connection.
If you would like to find out more about this project, send an e-mail to: projetos@vozdoautista.pt

Auticorpos: Embodying mental health in Autism

AUTICORPOS is a project of the Portuguese Association Voz do Autista, co-funded by INR, I.P.

AUTICORPOS aims, over 6 months, to create an eBook and a training on the barriers that hinder the provision and access to mental health services for adult autistic people in Portugal. The purpose is, besides identifying the barriers, to propose alternatives to overcome them. The project is funded by INR – National Institute for Rehabilitation, and coordinated by APVA – Portuguese Association of Autistic Voices, and relies on the collaboration of mental health professionals.


Autism is not an illness. Autism is a neurodevelopmental condition, which means that our brains developed differently than non-autistic people.. Learn more about Autism here.
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